basket-full decor & gift

logo & identity  |  website design

basket-full is a decor & gift shop and coffee house. we rebranded to allow for growth in the business by focusing on a typography-based logo and using a custom hand-lettered font to achieve a rustic and distressed aesthetic. a deep green was chosen as the primary brand colour as the shop had decided to go with a new direction, focusing on canadian-made, natural and upcycled products, as well as offering healthier lunch options in the coffee house. the swirl elements combine the style of decor offered in the store with the steam from a delicious latte served in the coffee house!


“Courtney, this would not have been possible without all your great ideas and immense knowledge. You amaze me everyday! You should be so proud of these accomplishments, I don’t know that I ever realized how much goes into this. I do now! your talent goes beyond your artistic abilities, which show in the new logo and beautiful pieces available in the store, to being able to create this website (which I believe is one of the nicest I’ve seen!) is incredible.  It’s such a huge leap of faith and I am so glad to have you right there with me!”

– laurie carter, owner

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