sam tran beauty & wellness

logo & identity

sam tran is a make-up artist, yoga teacher & certified master reiki practitioner. she decided to rebrand so she could seamlessly intertwine the beauty and wellness aspects of her business.

during the strategy session we determined the goal of her brand message was to prioritize the simple act of taking time for yourself, without the glitz and glam. blue was chosen for calming & peace, and the jasmine flower represents beauty and love, and the flowy calligraphy for focusing on embracing the imperfections and showing that self-care can be simple, not expensive and take hours to be effective!

all elements were chosen to beautifully integrate exterior beauty with inner beauty & wellness. her passion for self-care and wellness compliment her services as she aims to provide a relaxing and pleasant experience for each of her clients.

for the essentielle logo we kept the jasmine flower and chose lavender in place of leaves for the essential oils used in her line. each product is hand created and blended by samantha. the intention of her line is to promote the importance of self-care, self-love and starting from within.