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I’m Courtney Rose Siemens, a graphic designer, calligrapher, and illustrator with a passion for creating unique and timeless designs with intention. I work from my home studio in Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan where I create all things with love! 

I’ve always loved art and beautiful things growing up, so being able to create on a daily basis brings me all the joy!

One of my favourite things about what I do is being able to see the design process through from the beginning to the final product. I love the creative, hands-on side of the process, whether it’s the beautiful imperfections of calligraphy or a floral illustration. I truly believe that less is always more, and I hope that my designs inspire you to appreciate the little things and enjoy the simple, yet beautiful moments around you.

My focus as we work together is to create something unique and timeless that you will look back on and remember all of the purpose & emotion behind it, not something that looks like a copy of what other people have created. Nevertheless, I know that there is a place for what is in-style and trending, and I can help you relate to your audience, whomever they may be!

Whether I’m creating stationery for the couple who appreciates the little moments and wants to share their love story with their guests in the form of keepsake invitations – I will pour my heart and soul into my work and whatever it is that I create for you.



photo by social bird co


other facts

  • I love my teacup collection, and my dream is to collect a teacup from every place I travel to! Of course, I pick the most breakable item to travel home with. You will most likely find coffee in my teacup!

  • The “Rose” in my business name comes from my middle name, Rose, after my great grandma Rose. Little extra fact: her name became Rose Rosa after she got married!

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