I’ve always loved art and beautiful things.

Anything and everything around me can spark an idea. Whether it’s in nature with the daintiness of cosmos flowers dancing in the wind, or at an antique shop admiring an armchair with an intricate floral pattern. When I played dress up as a child it started with the idea that I could use a red bucket as a hat.

When these creative sparks are ignited they inspire me to create art that makes other people feel that same sense of joy and appreciation of something beautiful.

I was that kid who was able to turn just about anything into a “fashionable” ensemble. My signature look was transforming a toy red plastic bucket into a hat accessorized with a long string of silver pearls while holding a blue sippy cup (gotta stay hydrated when using that creative energy).

By the age of 8 I would while away the hours, days, and weeks at my Grandma Rosa’s house. I loved nothing more than wandering through the greenhouse admiring the different flowers, smells, and textures.

Of course, grandma had the best snacks like unlimited refills of Smarties ice cream and I got to spend hours playing chinese checkers sitting in the living room with my Papa. This must have seeped into my bones as I still love for caring for plants (and it has brought me back to the many hours spent outside in the garden weeding).

All of that passion has been brought into the design & creation of these cards, so that when you purchase a card to give to someone, they feel like it was made just for them.

Being given one of these cards makes you feel special, whether it’s from the luxurious texture of the deckled edges of the paper the card is printed on, the feel of the gold wax seal, or the designs created with original pointed pen calligraphy, the brush strokes of a watercolour painting, or hand drawn illustrations.

It’s more than a card, it’s emotion expressed in written form.

When you can’t find the words to say out loud, writing them inside the card and having that person reading them is so powerful and creates a connection that lasts a lifetime.

  • Imagine your friend and their partner brought their first baby into the world and you want to make the moment even more special for them.

  • You are celebrating your first anniversary and want to write down each thing you love about them, in the form of a love letter in a beautiful keepsake.

  • You found the perfect gift for your best friend, and want to make the gift-giving experience even more memorable. Maybe it’s just because they need extra support and encouragement and to know how amazing they are, or because the unexpected
    moments bring the most joy to all of us.

It’s a card you don’t want to let go of. It’s a keepsake. It’s meant to be placed in a special box stored with photos, other keepsake items and become a memory you can reach back for and look at whenever you need it.


We all know we go through different stages in life, and our personalities and interests are forever changing as we go through these seasons. 

As creatives we can feel that we need to stick with one artistic style and can put ourselves in a box with our work. This can be through the type of art we create, how we decorate our spaces, the products we bring in or the people we work with.

These collections are a representation of the different aspects of my personality.

  • Sometimes it’s the feminine, sensitive & quiet, coffee-in-a-teacup-sipping, antique-shop-browsing, listening to Taylor Swifts “folklore” album side that creates the soft & delicate calligraphy with gold designs.

  • There is also the side that creates the sassy (and slightly explicit), bold and minimal designs. The quirky, swearing and darker sense of humour, silly side that enjoys blasting One Direction in the car (trying to sing all the parts at once), and feeling like I can’t sit still with a playful excitement when I’m on the floor playing with my toddler.

I hope my art represents these different thoughts, feelings and aspects of my personality and that you can feel inspired by them, resonate with them, and they can invoke certain feelings and emotions in you.



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