I’ve always loved art and beautiful things.

Anything and everything around me can spark an idea. whether I’m outside in my backyard surrounded by nature, or browsing in a cute antique shop and stop to admire a teacup with a vintage floral pattern (that I usually have to talk myself out of buying to add to my collection, because my china cabinet has no more room.) I love teacups not because I’m an 80-year-old grandmother at heart, but because it always brings back memories of tea parties with my great aunt at her cabin, drinking pink grapefruit soda from my mini teacup. 

When these creative sparks are ignited they inspire me to create art that makes other people feel that same sense of joy and appreciation of something beautiful.

When I played dress up as a child it started with the idea that I could use a red bucket as a hat.

I was that kid who was able to turn just about anything into a “fashionable” ensemble. My go-to look was transforming a toy red plastic bucket into a hat accessorized with a long string of silver pearls while holding a blue sippy cup.

I would spend weeks at a time at my Grandma Rosa’s house. I loved to wander through the greenhouse admiring the different flowers, smells, and texturesOf course, Grandma had the best snacks like unlimited refills of Smarties ice cream and I got to spend hours playing chinese checkers sitting in the living room with my Papa. This must have inspired me deeply as I still love to spend time weeding and exploring in my flower beds, and a lot of my art is inspired by nature in one way or another.

All of that passion has been brought into the design & creation of these cards, so that when you purchase a card to give to someone, they feel like it was made just for them.

Being given one of these cards makes you feel special. They are so unique because they are printed on deckled Italian paper and come with an adhesive antique gold wax seal to secure the envelope, which appeals to those who are (or even aren’t!) completely stationery-obsessed. Each detail is carefully chosen, and the designs are created with original pointed pen calligrapy, hand-lettering, and illustrations or watercolour artwork. I print all of the cards in my home studio, they are not mass-produced. It’s a bonus because there is less waste, and my office doesn’t become a major fire hazard!


It’s more than a card, it’s emotion expressed in written form.

When you can’t find the words to say out loud, writing them inside the card and having that person reading them can be so special and creates a connection that lasts a lifetime. whether all of the space is filled up with a heartfelt message, or a simple “i love you”, it will be cherished deeply! Especially if the front of the card is delicate and sincere, or if it even has a swear word (or 2.)

  • Imagine your friend and their partner brought their first baby into the world and you want to make the moment even more special for them.

  • You are celebrating your first anniversary and don’t always know how to describe out loud how you truly feel and you want to write down each thing you love about them in a beautiful keepsake, so when they read your words they feel truly loved and appreciated.

  • You found the perfect gift for your best friend, and want to make the gift-giving experience even more memorable. Maybe it’s just because they need extra support and encouragement and to know how amazing they are.

It’s a card you don’t want to let go of. It’s a keepsake. It’s meant to be placed in a special box stored with photos, other special items and become a memory you can reach back for and look at whenever you need it.


my artwork is a representation of the different aspects of my personality.

  • When I’m creating the soft & delicate designs with calligraphy with gold I tap into my feminine, sensitive & quiet side. I’m probably listening to Taylor Swifts “folklore” album, drinking coffee in one of my teacups and dreaming of browsing an antique shop.

  • The quirky, silly side that appreciates a good f-bomb shines through in the “sassy but classy” collection. Sometimes I just need to express myself in a way that non-swear words just won’t do. Writing the f-word in flowy calligraphy and printing it on a deckled edge card makes me feel the same amount of joy as when I’m blasting One Direction in the car (trying to sing all the parts at once), or when I can’t sit still with a playful excitement when I’m on the floor playing with my toddler.

i hope my art brings you joy, and gives you the ability to share that joy and the appreciation of beautiful things with those closest to you and make them feel special. 



a few more fun facts…