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I’m Courtney Rose Siemens, a graphic designer, calligrapher, and illustrator with a passion for creating unique and timeless designs with intention. I work from my home studio in Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan where I create all things with love! 

I’ve always loved art and beautiful things growing up, so being able to create on a daily basis brings me all the joy!

One of my favourite things about what I do is being able to see the design process through from the beginning to the final product. I love the creative, hands-on side of the process, whether it’s the beautiful imperfections of calligraphy or a floral illustration. I truly believe that less is always more, and I hope that my designs inspire you to write a personal, handwritten message to the friend who inspires you, and send a card to bring someone more joy.

my cards are designed with the intention that when you purchase a card to give to someone, they feel like it was made and picked out just for them. it makes them feel special, whether it’s from the details of the gold wax seal, deckled edges, or the design, no matter the occasion.

They brought their first baby into the world and you want to make the moment even more special for them. You are celebrating your first anniversary and want to write down each thing you love about them, in the form of a beautiful keepsake. You found the perfect gift just for them, and want to elevate it with a luxury greeting card and make the gift-giving experience even more memorable. Maybe it’s just because they need extra support and encouragement and to know how amazing they are, because the unexpected moments bring the most joy.

Thank you for stopping by and showing your support – it means the world to me that you are here. you can find me on instagram sharing new designs, and i share new products and special offers to my email subscribers – if you’d like to be a part of the community of calligraphy admirers and card lovers – subscribe here!





  • I love my teacup collection, and my dream is to collect a teacup from every place I travel to! Of course, I pick the most breakable item to travel home with. You will most likely find coffee in my teacup!

  • The “Rose” in my business name comes from my middle name, Rose, after my great grandma Rose.

  • i offer brand & website design to bring your branding goals to life! i help you find clarity in your brand, and discover who your dream client is to create a brand that is true to you and your values, so you are fulfilled in your business by working with clients you love. visit second avenue co. for recent work and how to work with me.

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